The effectiveness of hair replacement treatment at Lucinda Ellery: Before and after

PUBLISHED: 15:10 09 April 2019

Jacqui Pulling before and after her treatment

Jacqui Pulling before and after her treatment


Lucinda Ellery offer hair loss treatment and creative solutions for varying hair issues. We find out from Jacqui Pulling what it was like having the Intralace™ system treatment

Whilst reasons for hair loss and thinning can vary, one of the most common is female pattern hair loss (sometimes known as female pattern baldness), something that Jacqui Pulling suffers from. “I was first made aware when I was about 14 when a comment was made at school. I hadn’t really noticed myself,” describes Jacqui on the first time she realised her hair wasn’t the same as everyone else’s.

Throughout her twenties and thirties, Jacqui tried various hair restoration, hair loss remedies and thickening formulas and scalp care but nothing seemed to be working for her. “I became very conscious of it, especially sitting under lights and swimming.

“In a nutshell – and this may sound dramatic – but it makes you feel as a failure as a woman. It’s such a big part of being a woman. I find it hard to say the words ‘female pattern hair loss’ because it makes me feel like I’ve failed,” continues Jacqui on the effect the hair loss had on her.

A chance viewing of Lucinda Ellery on Ten Years Younger prompted Jacqui’s husband to encourage her to find out more, and she did. “It was amazing, they offered me the Intralace™ system and I was told to go away and think about,” describes Jacqui.

Feeling that she wasn’t ready for hair loss treatment at that stage, the team at Lucinda Ellery encouraged Jacqui to hold off for the moment not pressuring her in to a big life decision. That she did, and in 2014 Jacqui decided to go ahead with the Intralace™ hair loss treatment. This system is designed for women with thinning hair, or patches of hair loss and it focuses solely on areas of the head that require volume, making it a truly bespoke product. It works by introducing a mesh between the existing hair and scalp. Intralace™ panels that contain additional human hair are added which disguises any signs of women’s hair loss. The system allows you to show a natural look and care for it as if it was completely your own hair. “It is amazing because I don’t even think of it as not my hair. The period between 1996 and 2008 were my worst years, whereas now I never get a bad hair day, which is amazing,” says Jacqui.

On whether having this Intralace™ hair loss treatment, Jacqui Pulling has one resounding piece of advice: “My life is completely different because I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s amazing! I wouldn’t hesitate to do it.”

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As well as Intralace™, Lucinda Ellery also offer Medi Connections™; a hair loss solution used to help women with fine hair or mild thinning.

These semi permanent hair loss options are hugely effective, allowing you to live a normal life, taking parting in everyday activities and sports and styling and caring for it as if it was completely your own.

Lucinda Ellery offer everyone an initial free of charge private consultation.

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