Steve Fletcher: How I like to spend the summer months

PUBLISHED: 12:20 26 June 2017 | UPDATED: 12:20 26 June 2017

Fletch and his wife Lynne on holiday in Dubai

Fletch and his wife Lynne on holiday in Dubai


As the football season comes to an end, Fletch is looking forward to sharing some special holidays with his family and friends on the beach

Given my commitments at AFC Bournemouth, it’s impossible to take time off during the 10 months of the football season. So as soon as the campaign comes to an end, I take four weeks off in one go. This is when I can recharge my batteries as well as spend some quality time with family and friends.

It’s become something of a tradition for me to go on lads’ trip away as well as going on a family holiday. This year, I’m planning to visit Dubai and Italy with the family, and then go to Miami with a couple of friends.

I’ve been very lucky to have had some fantastic breaks with my wife and daughters. When our children were younger, we used to go to Cyprus on a regular basis, often staying in the same hotel. It was great to have that familiarity of going to the same place each year with little ones. Now my daughters have grown up, we tend to go for more long-haul destinations. In recent years we’ve been to the Dominican Republic and Mexico - where we stayed on the Riviera Maya just down the coast from Cancun, which was stunning - and last year we went to Jamaica which was fantastic.

When we go to book a hotel one of the first requests from my daughters now is: ‘Does it have a nightclub?’ They like to stay up when they’re on holiday, and I usually end up staying up with them while my wife goes to bed - ha ha! The other big requirement on the Fletcher family’s ‘holiday list’ is a great beach.

While it’s great relaxing on the beach, I do like to go sightseeing, and if it was my choice I’d probably go on a slightly more adventurous holiday. But while the kids are still living with us, and they want to go on a beach holiday, I get out voted…not that I’m complaining! Our holiday is the only block of time during the year when we’re all together as a family. And that is very special.

As far as my lads’ trip goes I’ve gone to Marbella a number of times. It’s such an easy destination to get to from Dorset. You can fly direct from Bournemouth to Malaga, which is then a short journey on to Marbella.

On my dream holiday list, and something I hope to do in a few years’ time, would be to tour America and see as many states as I can. My daughters aren’t so keen on that idea, but my wife says she’d be up for a USA road trip once the kids have flown the nest. Therefore, my ‘American Dream’ is on hold for a little while longer! 


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