Who to follow: The best Dorset influencers and bloggers

PUBLISHED: 10:48 19 February 2020

Time to jush up your social media feeds with these must follow accounts,

Time to jush up your social media feeds with these must follow accounts,


Looking for something new for your social media feed? The Jurassic Coast is full of Instagram-worthy scenery and you’ll want to follow these 6 Dorset based Instagrammers for inspiration and just a touch of envious scrolling.


Luke is a extreme sports lover and traveller. He's been all over the world, from Thailand to Croatia, all while showing off his amazing Parkour skills. He is based in Bournemouth, and has worked with the likes of New Balance and JD Sport. Parkour is his main passion, and his flips and tricks will amaze you!


Flora Jamieson is a Bridport based artist, specialising in stain glass. Her work has been featured in Elle magazine and her Instagram is full of beautiful designs and colours, showing off her remarkable talent for this ancient craft. Flora also posts photographs of her processes in making the windows, as well as documenting her love of wild swimming in the English Channel.


Phoebe Hammonds has one of the most colour full Instagrams out there. Her candy coloured weavings will brighten up your feed, and give you that warm cosy feeling. Her vibrant wall art weavings are unlike anything you'll have seen. She has a shop where you can order a one-of-a-kind piece to match your own home.


Of course you want to follow this page, why wouldn't you? Bournemouth is home to two pugs named Dexter and Roxy. Their adorable matching outfits and hilarious themed posts will be a perfect edition to your Instagram feed, because who doesn't want to stare at cute dogs all day?


An amateur photographer with a decent following, Neil captures the breathtaking landscapes along the Jurassic Coast. Dark and atmospheric is his specialty, and he often delves into the history of the places he is photographing. You'll be immediately transported into these impressive seascapes.


Hannah Collins is a contemporary artist, specialising in resin and oil based painting. Her fluid and abstract style is similar to the crashing waves on the Dorset coast. She is self taught and explores the contrasts between light and dark. She has an Etsy shop where you can purchase her work, and she has been featured on Sarah Beeny's Renovate Don't Relocate.

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