Former Miss England Jackie Turner on keeping fit, working with Formula E and artist management

PUBLISHED: 10:18 19 January 2015 | UPDATED: 14:27 25 March 2015

Katharine Davies

Twelve years after her reign as Miss England, Jackie Turner is still living the jet-setting life, but the glamour has become more… plugged-in.

Jackie TurnerJackie Turner

She criss-crosses the world as ambassador for Formula E, the world’s first fully-electric racing series. She also manages music artists, including her latest signing Lucy May, a London-based singer/ songwriter who has been likened to US country-turned-pop superstar Taylor Swift. “Lucy played some gigs in Nashville recently. I was there to make sure that people get to know about her amazing talent,” Jackie says.

Music management is a new move for model and business woman Jackie, 33. “I have always modelled, and done presenting and acting,” she says. “Now I want to use my skills and experience to help others, so I have got into artist management.”

Born and raised in Ferndown, Jackie is one of twins. “My twin Shelly and I are very different, she was born bleach blonde and I had jet black hair,” she laughs. “Not similar at all!” Jackie has two other sisters and a brother. Her father sadly passed away from a heart attack when she was 11. “We were never really a family that was into exercise. Dining out and food was quite a big thing for us,” she recalls. “When I came out of the grieving process I looked at my own lifestyle and from the age of 12 I took my health and fitness seriously. I’m especially vigilant because of the hereditary aspect of heart disease. I’ve studied nutrition and the best way to fuel your body. I still enjoy a roast dinner but I do watch what I eat and I drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.”

It was Jackie’s mum Terri who sent her daughter’s photo into a local newspaper and started Jackie on the road to success. “The paper asked if I would consider entering the Miss Dorset competition. I wasn’t keen at the time but I decided to give it a go and it was nothing like I had expected.”

Jackie won Miss Dorset and was then entered into Miss England which she won in 2003. Suddenly the 21-year-old was catapulted into the limelight. “I was living in Parkstone at the time,” recalls Jackie. “I had two months to get my dresses sorted for Miss World and then I was over in China and Hong King for several weeks with 108 other girls. It was a wonderful experience and I made a lot of lasting friendships.”

When she returned from Miss World (she came 17th out of 108) Jackie still had the rest of the year reigning as Miss England, building her career as a presenter of pageants and charity events, before handing her crown over to Danielle Lloyd.

How does she manage to keep up her fitness while travelling the world? “I devised ways of keeping fit on the road, with exercises using my own body weight and a wall or chair, which I could do in my hotel room, as well as press ups, sit ups and squats,” says Jackie.

When it comes to healthy eating she doesn’t leave things to chance, especially when far away from home. “I use a Nutribullet, which is basically a little blender, I take it everywhere with me. You can put all sorts of good things in it - from nuts and seeds to fruit and veg and blitz yourself a healthy shake. So if I’m in Malaysia and I’m not enjoying the food I pop to the local supermarket and pick up some greens and berries add some bottled water and I have my breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

That all sounds very sane, but a recent addition to Jackie’s health and fitness regime has been Insanity and another called Metafit. The principle behind these scary sounding workouts is high intensity interval training. “You exercise hard for 20 second then have a 10 second rest. It’s a great fat burner and you’re done and dusted in 20 minutes – how good is that!”

When back home Jackie enjoys working out at Bournemouth’s Fitness First, the Littledown Leisure Centre and Ferndown Sports Centre, her local gym. “I also love the outdoors - walking, cycling and doing the tree top course at Go Ape at Moors Valley. ”

In a busy year ahead, Jackie is starring in a movie, will continue travelling the world with Formula E, and is once again working on Miss Dorset. She is keen to use the event to promote her anti-bullying campaign. “I was terribly bullied at school for my looks. Having experienced bullying first hand I want to encourage other young women to pursue their dreams like I did and not let bullies stand in their way.”

So with so much happening does she have time for a social life? “I’m single at the moment, and I do rather enjoy it,” she smiles. “But I have my eyes open and if someone nice comes along…”

Well they’d better be fit, to keep up with a Wonder Woman like Jackie!

Getting fit with Jackie

“Little and often works better than hours in the gym and starving yourself. Switch sugary snacks for nuts, seeds, almond butter and crackers, a small soup, fruit or carrot sticks. Healthy nutritious filling foods and 20-30 minutes of activity a day will soon pay off. A few small changes can make a world of difference to your health.”

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