WATCH: 12 retro videos showcasing Dorset in times gone by

PUBLISHED: 16:35 10 September 2020 | UPDATED: 17:02 05 November 2020

West Cliff, Bournemouth, Dorset, J Valentine's

West Cliff, Bournemouth, Dorset, J Valentine's "Photo Brown" series. Flickr, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Take a step back in time with these short clips showcasing the glory days of Dorset. How much has changed over the past 85 years?

'Treacherous currents flow round the coast and a friendly lighthouse on Portland Bill warns passing mariners of their dangers and woe betide those who disregard it.' 1934

'It doesn't matter what the season, all seasons please at Lulworth Cove - the little oyster-shaped bit of coast which some people think is the most beautiful in Dorset.' 1937

'Various shots comparing Bournemouth's beach, cliffs and town as they were in 1939 to some old photographs to the same areas taken in the 1870s'. 1939

'One approach to Shaftesbury is by way of Pine Avenue, which opens on to Park Walk overlooking a wide stretch of the Vale.' 1943

Removal of bathing ban at Bournemouth - 'The public may use and bathe from this part of the beach but at their own risk. Beware of barbed wire and other obstructions, do not touch any suspicious objects - by order 25th July 1944 Garrison Commander.' 1944

'Here's beauty there's no imitating. Beauty that has lasted 1,000 years for that's how long Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury in Dorset has been a haven and nursery for swans.' 1949

'Views of Lyme Regis out of holiday season. Rooftops, alleyways, a man in his garden, daffodils, blossom on trees, a child picking primroses, etc.' 1950-1959

'Talking about millionaires, if you've got about a quarter of a million pounds to spare you might be interested in buying Brownsea island off the coast of Poole'. 1962

'This is Wimborne in Dorset, one of the most picturesque towns in England. But few people realise there are two Wimbornes - one in miniature.' 1960

'Leg power came into its own in the Bournemouth area for the Soap Box Grand Prix. The several 1964 models each with a team of 12 drivers competed in a race from Christchurch to Poole.' 1964

'The British Motor Boat racing drivers staged their 80 mile race on three laps of a course from Swanage to Christchurch and back.' 1966

'On the old maps they called this Wessex, today it's Dorset, but to a lot of people it will always be Hardy country.' 1967


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