In pictures: winter in Dorset

PUBLISHED: 11:04 17 December 2019 | UPDATED: 11:04 17 December 2019

A very snowy Gold Hill. Photo Credit: Petej/Getty Images/iStockphoto

A very snowy Gold Hill. Photo Credit: Petej/Getty Images/iStockphoto


We’ve put together a selection of our favourite wintery photos of Dorset, which have all been taken by talented local photographers

Steve Hogan, Wimborne Minster

'The weather forecasters predicted a very cold and frosty morning on 8 November, so I got up early and went out with my friend in search of midst and frost. I live in Christchurch, and we travelled around Dorset for about 2 hours and we couldn't see any! We found ourselves in Wimborne Minster - the frost on the fields looked lovely and white. It was only at the sunrise that the mist started to rise and move over the fields, and that was a perfect scene for me to capture the wintery moment.'

Steve Hogan, Wimborne MinsterSteve Hogan, Wimborne Minster

Gillian Thomas, Durdle Door in the snow

'We had some heavy snow in Dorset in March, and I heard that it was a rare event to see Durdle Door in the snow - so I decided to see it for myself! I wasn't sure how easy it was going to be to get down there. Luckily there were quite a few other people around and I did get a bit of help from a kind gentlemen to get down a steep, icy section of the path. I decided to stay at the top and I took quite a few photos. This is my favourite image I think, because it shows the beach, the view through the door and the lovely azure colour of the sea, with the snow.'

Facebook: Instagram: @gillianthomasphotography

Gillian Thomas, Durdle Door in the snowGillian Thomas, Durdle Door in the snow

Dan Roads, Portland Bill

'I like this short in particular because of the footsteps leading you to the iconic Portland Bill Lighthouse, along with the fact it's pretty rare to get snow settled on Portland. I think it all melted within a few hours of me taking the photo, so I'm glad I went out!'

Facebook: Instagram: @DanRoadsPhotography

Dan Roads, Portland BillDan Roads, Portland Bill

Daphne Wuenn, Red Squirrel on Brownsea Island

'This image was taken in March 2018, when even the south of England was getting a few days of snow. I was attending a photography workshop on Brownsea Island, organised by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. It included an overnight stay in the Villa on the island. As it happened, we all woke up to a winter wonderland! Still, the red squirrels needed to be out to look for food, so they were busy digging up their stash. This shot was taken at the very moment the squirrel paused for a few seconds on a log.'

Facebook: Instagram: @daphnewuennphotography.

Daphne Wuenn, Brownsea Island squirrelDaphne Wuenn, Brownsea Island squirrel

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