An A to Z of everything great about Dorset

PUBLISHED: 10:52 31 January 2017 | UPDATED: 10:52 31 January 2017

Corfe Castle by Tony Armstrong ( via

Corfe Castle by Tony Armstrong ( via


We take a trip through Dorset (and the alphabet) to take a look at 26 things that make this county great...

A is for AFC Bournemouth. You know the story by now; AFC Bournemouth were once inches away from non-league football. Now look at them.

B is for beaches. Don’t let the palm trees and golden beaches fool you. You really are still in England.

C is for Corfe Castle. No matter how many times you see a photo, or in person, this place never stops being beautiful.

D is for Durdle Door. Arguably our most famous landmark.

E is for Echo. Take a trip to Tilly Whim Caves.

F is for Frome. The river is home to some interesting species.

G is for Gold. Sport shooter Peter Wilson’s 2012 gold medal is honoured in Sherborne.

H is for Highcliffe Castle. This beautiful Grade I listed building is open to the public and can cater for weddings.

I is for Inspiration. Our county provides endless ideas for artists far and wide.

J is for Jurassic Coast. You can probably guess this stretch of Dorset’s coast was one of the first on this list.

K is for Knowlton. The stone used on the church here can be dated back to the 1200s.

L is for Lulworth Cove. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re in the Mediterranean.

M is for Martin Clunes. The Doc Martin actor plays a big role in Buckham Fair.

N is for Nighttime. Look up to the sky at night for sights like this.

O is for Old Harry Rocks. It’s ‘just’ some chalk formation. But probably one of the best chalk formations.

P is for Portland Bill. The lighthouse here is one of the most iconic Dorset sights.

Q is for Quiet. Dorset doesn’t have a single motorway, so rush hour can look like this.

R is for Rings. The Olympic rings at Portland Heights celebrate the county’s contribution to London 2012.

S is for Sandbanks. Home to polo and famous faces. But after all that, it’s just a beautiful part of the world.

T is for Taste. Dorset is full of restaurants and pubs to make your mouth water.

U is for Understated. The county doesn’t try too hard which makes it a natural beauty.

V is for Views. There are plenty of them in Dorset.

W is for Wildlife. Brownsea Island is famous for its red squirrels.

X is for… X-ray? OK, we’ll be honest and say we struggled with this one, but: X-Ray > bones > dinosaurs > Jurassic Coast. Moving swiftly on…

Y is for Yearning. One trip just isn’t enough. You’ll want to come back sooner rather than later.

Z is for Zzz… When you’re fast asleep, Dorset carry’s on looking like this...

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