Heavers of Bridport: supplying and installing glazing solutions for your home

PUBLISHED: 16:08 23 August 2019 | UPDATED: 17:19 02 September 2019

Heavers of Bridport supply and install glazing solutions

Heavers of Bridport supply and install glazing solutions


From aluminium casement windows through to state-of-the-art winter gardens and bi-folding doors, this Dorset based company are showing how the right glass products have the power to transform a space

As obvious as it may sound, windows are an essential part of any home but choosing exactly the right ones is not necessarily an easy task. Alongside the basics like size, style and colour, you'll need to consider whether you want single, double or even triple glazing, as well as the material you want them to be made out of and how you want them to open.

With so many things to take into account, it can be a bit of a daunting process, but that's where Heavers of Bridport can step in to help. The family-owned company supply and install windows, doors and other glazing solutions, and have been based here in Dorset since 1960. "My grandfather started the firm, and he was a builder," explains Sales and Marketing Director Luke Heaver. "Right from the moment he purchased the land that we still work from today, he manufactured hardwood timber frames that had an aluminium inner frame so it was the basis of double glazing." In the near-sixty years that have followed, the company have evolved hugely to supply and install an extensive range of products that cater for every corner of the market and for every budget. They have also won numerous awards, and are proud to be the only company in Southern Britain to have received the Network VEKA Customer Satisfaction Award 15 times in succession.

Visoglide Plus sliding doors & windows featured in this award winning build (Winner of:UK Property Awards 2017 & The American Architecture Prize 2017) Photo credit: Matt AustinVisoglide Plus sliding doors & windows featured in this award winning build (Winner of:UK Property Awards 2017 & The American Architecture Prize 2017) Photo credit: Matt Austin

As well as VEKA PVC-U windows, Heavers specialise in Smart aluminium frames which are favoured for their sleek, stylish appearance. "Generally pure aluminium windows are going to be slimmer than anything else on the market so they are very popular," Luke says. Although this option is particularly sought after with new build homes and renovations, they can work just as well in a period property; in this instance, Heavers will use a heritage aluminium system that has been carefully designed to replicate the look of traditional crittall windows. "It doesn't matter if your house is new or old, traditional or contemporary - there will always be an aluminium system to suit the property," Luke adds.

However, in recent years Heavers have started to supply a new 'hybrid' design of window frame which combines timber with aluminium, such as the Rationel Aura Plus and Forma Plus casement windows. These are constructed from an all-timber sash and frame with external aluminium cladding, which has the effect of significantly reducing heat loss and therefore cutting energy bills and carbon emissions. "These types of windows are great for people who are trying to build a 'passive home', which is one that doesn't actually require a heating system because it is so well-insulated," Luke comments. He explains that these hybrid windows are generally triple-glazed and that their U-value, which is a measure of heat loss, is typically around 0.7 in comparison to 1.6 for a conventional PVC or purely aluminium window. Heavers' window frames are all rigorously tested to ensure that they're as durable and as weather resistant as possible, which is particularly important here in Dorset with many of our homes facing coastal winds. They are put through their paces at varying altitudes and against varying wind speeds, and they are also painted in a special 'Marine Grade' paint which ensures they will withstand the elements.

Sunflex SF75 slimline Bi-folds & a glass to glass corner window feature in this stunning costal holiday home, designed by http://www.theogreendesigns.co.uk/Sunflex SF75 slimline Bi-folds & a glass to glass corner window feature in this stunning costal holiday home, designed by http://www.theogreendesigns.co.uk/

Heavers also offer an extensive range of other glazing solutions for the home, such as glass balustrades, bi-folding doors and orangeries. Luke explains that 'Warm Roof' constructions are becoming increasingly popular with their customers, and unlike the traditional conservatory, the idea is that these systems can be used all year round and remain comfortable whatever the weather. They are also now offering the installation of Solarlux 'Winter Gardens', a state-of-the-art addition to the home which is an ideal way to maximise light and space. "These are aluminium constructions that are fully glazed, but they have an electronic awning system," he says. "This means that depending on how hot it is during the day, the awning system can come out to stop the sun heating up the room and you are able to control the temperature." As a result, they're the perfect space for making the most of your surroundings whatever the weather.

A key element of the firm's ethos is to offer the best customer service from start to finish, and they're always careful to ensure that their customers find the products that are right for them and their homes. As part of this they are currently building a brand new 3000-sqaure-foot showroom in Bridport to give them two in total, which will provide space for them to display every single one of their products. This means that clients will now be able to see first hand what they're buying, which is all part of Heavers' mission to make choosing glazing solutions as easy as possible.

Heavers can help to transform your homeHeavers can help to transform your home

Find out more at heaversofbridport.co.uk or by calling 0800 716 991.

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