Recipe: Slow-cooked blade of West Country beef

PUBLISHED: 11:45 16 April 2018 | UPDATED: 11:45 16 April 2018

Celebrate St George's day with a slow cooked blade of West Country beef

Celebrate St George's day with a slow cooked blade of West Country beef


Celebrate St George’s Day with this sumptuous slow-cooked beef dish in a herb and red wine sauce created by award-winning chef Tony Beales of Beales Gourmet

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

4 x 8oz blade steaks

1 bottle red wine

2 pints of beef stock

2 carrots (washed

and roughly chopped)

1 leek (washed

and roughly chopped)

½ head celery (washed

and roughly chopped)

2 white onions (peeled

and roughly chopped)

250g baby onions (peel but leave whole)

2 small heads of garlic

cut in half

Sprig of fresh rosemary

and fresh thyme

2 bay leaves

5 whole black peppercorns

50ml rapeseed oil

250g button mushrooms

250g smoked bacon (lardons)


1. Start by braising the beef for 4-5 hours. Seal the steaks on both sides in a hot pan in rapeseed oil and set aside in an ovenproof dish. Sauté the button mushrooms (cut in half if too big) then set a side. Next, fry off the baby onions until they are caramelised all over, then fry off the bacon lardons (or long thick strips of bacon) and set aside. These will all be added to the sauce at the end.

2. After everything has been fried off, de-glaze the pan with the red wine, add the beef stock and bring to the boil, add the chopped carrots, leek, celery, onion then the garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, thyme and peppercorns.

3. Pour the hot stock mixture over the steaks in the ovenproof dish so they are totally covered, you may need to add more stock or water depending on the size and shape of your dish. Cover the dish in foil, pop in the oven at 150ºC/ Gas mark 2. Allow at least 4 hours to cook the beef as cuts of blade steak can vary. Check the beef a few times during the cooking process to ensure the beef is still covered in the stock. The steaks will shrink, but don’t worry there will be plenty to feed your guests!

4. Once the steaks have become lovely and tender, remove from the oven, carefully pour off most of the cooking juice into a pan, leave the steaks covered with foil and keeping warm.

5. Allow 30-40 minutes to make your sauce. I promise it is worth it! Turn up the heat under the pan and reduce the cooking juices until the flavour is beautifully intense with beef, wine, herbs and vegetables. Strain the sauce through a sieve to remove the vegetables and herbs which have done their bit, and thicken the sauce with a little cornflower mixed with cold water.

6. When the sauce is ready, add the mushrooms, baby onions and bacon you fried off earlier, simmer for 15 minutes to infuse into the sauce.

7. Now assemble the dish. Put your steaks on a warmed plate or bowl, spoon over the sauce and garnish with a whole roasted baby carrot. Serve with creamy mash potato. Bon Appetite!

Meet the chef

Tony Beales is the Managing Director of the multi-award winning event catering company, Beales Gourmet. Together with his team, Tony caters for 350 events across Dorset, around half of which are at their exclusive venue, The Italian Villa at Compton Acres. Tony’s career has taken him around the world, working in Michelin kitchens, and catering for the rich, royal and famous, before establishing Beales Gourmet in 2005. For more details call 01202 700992 or visit

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