Recipe - Risotto with roasted Romanesco broccoli, leeks & Old Winchester cheese

PUBLISHED: 10:25 26 January 2015 | UPDATED: 14:11 25 March 2015

Romanesco broccoli

Romanesco broccoli


Romanesco broccoli not only looks stunning but it’s also very good for you too! This serves six persons as a starter or two as a main. Leftovers can be made into Arancini - little risotto balls filled with mozzarella, covered in breadcrumbs and fried.


• 1 litre homemade chicken stock

• 1 leek, washed thoroughly and finely sliced

• 1 clove garlic, peeled and finely chopped

• 55g unsalted butter and a tablespoon of olive oil

• 200g Carnaroli risotto rice

• 1 glass of white wine

• 1 medium Romanesco broccoli – washed and cut into florets

• A couple of sprigs of fresh thyme roughly chopped

• 50g Old Winchester Cheese or Parmesan – freshly grated

• Optional - 2 tbsp double cream



• Preheat the over to 180°C/Gas Mark 4. Begin by roasting the broccoli. Spread the florets on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, add some roughly chopped thyme, season with salt and pepper, place in the oven and roast for approx 20 minutes until they are tender. For a four oven AGA middle shelf in the bottom, or middle shelf in the top of a two oven AGA. Keep warm, uncovered in the oven until ready to serve.

• Meanwhile in a large shallow pan with a lid, sweat your finely sliced leek, in the butter and oil. When translucent add the garlic, cook for a few moments longer. In the AGA, this can be started on your boiling plate and then transferred to the simmering oven or bottom oven. Check regularly and do not allow the onions to brown.

• On the boiling plate or conventional hob, bring your stock to the boil and then keep at a simmer.

• Remove the softened shallots and garlic from the AGA and replace on the simmering plate, add the rice and stir well to coat with the butter and oil. On a conventional hob, increase the heat under the pan, or transfer to the boiling plate of the AGA. Immediately add the white wine allowing it to reduce almost completely, lower the heat once more or switch back to the simmering plate.

• Add a little of the very hot stock and cook gently, stirring until the stock is absorbed. Continue stirring and adding small amounts of stock to the rice as you do so, take your time and allow at least twenty minutes to cook the rice slowly.

• When your risotto is cooked and most of the stock absorbed. Remove from the heat and stir in the roasted broccoli, double cream (if using) and sprinkle the grated Old Winchester over the risotto. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper. Replace the lid and allow to rest for approximately five minutes.

• When you are ready to serve, gently stir the risotto to incorporate the added ingredients and serve on warm plates with some winter salad leaves on the side.



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