Recipe: Pan fried Lyme Bay scallops

PUBLISHED: 11:28 16 July 2018 | UPDATED: 11:28 16 July 2018

Kieran likes his frehsly dived scallops quick panfried

Kieran likes his frehsly dived scallops quick panfried


Kieran Perree, scallop diver and Golden Scallop founder shares his recipe for pan fried Lyme Bay scallops

Kieran was introduced to diving as a teenager by his stepdad, diving on shipwrecks off Portland. A passion for shellfish is in Kieran’s family – his stepdad dives for scallops and his dad is a lobster fisherman. With 21 years of diving experience to draw on he knows where to find the best scallops. “Hand dived scallops are my best seller. Lyme Bay scallops are particularly popular due to their sweetness which I believe is down to the sediment and nutrients in the water column in Lyme Bay.”

Golden Scallops were awarded ‘Highly Commended Sustainable Award’ at Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival in 2017.

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Kieran Perree - scallop diverKieran Perree - scallop diver

Kieran Perree’s Pan Fried Scallops

1. Serves 2 as a starter

2. 6- 8 hand dived Lyme Bay scallops

3. 1 tbs olive oil

4. Juice of half a lime

5. Salt and pepper to taste

6. To garnish

7. Rocket leaves

8. Sweet chilli sauce

9. Crème fraiche


1. Fry the scallops in the olive oil for about a minute until golden

2. Flip them over and cook for about another minute

3. Squeeze over the juice of the lime and season with salt and pepper

4. Serve on a bed of rocket leaves with a dollop of crème fraiche and a squeeze of sweet chilli sauce

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