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PUBLISHED: 16:47 22 September 2020 | UPDATED: 17:03 22 September 2020

Look out for this logo on award-winning products

Look out for this logo on award-winning products


From pancetta to yoghurt - 27 producers from across the county have been celebrated in the Great Taste Awards 2020

Following 14 weeks of judging by 144 discerning palates, the results of the world’s most trusted food and drink awards, Great Taste, have been released, with many Dorset producers in the winning line-up. Out of 12,777 entries from 106 different countries, 42% were awarded a highly prized Great Taste accolade, and 441 are based in the South West. Among the 205 Great Taste 3-star winners was the “creamy, rich and thick” Dorset Strained Yoghurt - Whole Milk from The Dorset Dairy Co in Sturminster Newton, declared by the judges to be a “yogurt that deliverers everything you want”. While Capreolus Fine Foods added two more 3-star products for their Pancetta earnt top marks for “beautifully prepared, very attractive slices of soft, buttery fat with succulent lines of lean meat”. Upon chewing, judges declared that: “the floodgates of tastes, flavours and nuances are all opened, enveloped in the faint fermentation”, making this an “accomplished pork product with great impact on the palate.” While the Smoked Pancetta was described as “enticing and tempting aroma” and “flavours that are so complex”. This “proud and unashamedly piggy” product wowed the judges with its “sweet, meaty flavour with a good smoky background” and “wave after wave of herbs”. One judge declared this Smoked Pancetta to be “faultless.” The third Dorset brand to be awarded a 3-star accolade was The Wasabi Company for their Sanbaizu Rice Vinegar which one judge declared to be “pure gold umami”, revelling in this vinegar’s “fruitiness with underlying fish notes, umami from the boletus and a whole bunch of other, indefinable flavours.”

Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food https://gff.co.uk/ whose HQ is in Gillingham in North Dorset, values taste above all else. Whether it is cake, coffee, kippers or kombucha being judged, all products are removed from their packaging before being tasted. The judges then savour, confer and re-taste to decide which products are worthy of a 1-, 2- or 3-star award. Look out for the unmistakable gold and black Great Taste logo, with 1-, 2- or 3- stars, on award-winning products. We’ve listed all the Dorset winners with links to their websites here, as many products can be bought online. This year’s GTA 3-star winners will now have their products re-judged by an esteemed selection of palates to decide on the Golden Fork Trophy winners (Capreolus won this accolade last year), and the declaration of the Great Taste 2020 Supreme Champion, which will be announced at the virtual Great Taste Golden Fork awards in October.

Details of all this year’s winners can be found here

Pancetta from Capreolus Fine Foods - a double 3-star winner at this year's Great Taste AwardsPancetta from Capreolus Fine Foods - a double 3-star winner at this year's Great Taste Awards

3-star Great Taste Award Dorset Winners 2020

Capreolus Fine Foods

Celebrating yet more 3-star winning Great Taste Awards (GTA) products is the artisan charcuterie producer Capreolus Fine Foods, whose HQ is at Rampisham in West Dorset. They have won two 3-star awards for their Pancetta and Smoked Pancetta; three 2-star awards for Duck Confit; Air Dried Beef and Lardo infused with English Truffle Oil; and two 1-star awards for their Pastrami and Dorset Warmer Salami. The Capreolus mantlepiece must be groaning under the weight of all the Great Taste Awards they have now won! Last year’s haul of GTA’s included four 3-star awards (Dorset Coppa, Guanciale, Chorizo and Smoked Mutton); three 2-star awards (Dorset Air Dried Pork Loin, Uphall Farmhouse Air Dried Ham and Rampisham Tingler Salami); and two 1-star awards (Dorset Rosette Salami and Wild Venison & pork Pepperoni). Find their award-winning prodcuts at local farm shops, delis and independent retailers or order online here and read all about the dynamic couple behind this multi-award-winning business here.

The Dorset Dairy Company's 3-star winning Dorset Strained Yoghurt using whole milk from their herd of grass-fed cows Photo: Neil BairdThe Dorset Dairy Company's 3-star winning Dorset Strained Yoghurt using whole milk from their herd of grass-fed cows Photo: Neil Baird

The Dorset Dairy Company

Started 60 years ago at Crib House Farm in Stalbridge located in the lush landscape of the Blackmore Vale, this award-winning Dorset family business is now run by Dan, the third generation, with his wife Alex. Using milk from their herd of 200 grass-fed Holstein Friesians, The Dorset Dairy Company won a coveted 3-star award for their Dorset Strained Yoghurt - Whole Milk. They also won three 2-star awards for Dorset Strained Yogurt – Fat Free; Dorset Cultured Butter 2% Salt; Dorset Cultured Cream; and a 1-star award for Fresh Whole Milk. Find out where to buy these award-winning Dorset dairy products here

The Wasabi Company's 3-star winner - Sanbaizu Rice VinegarThe Wasabi Company's 3-star winner - Sanbaizu Rice Vinegar

The Wasabi Company

This family-run business grew out of The Watercress Company, which has been growing watercress on their Dorset and Hampshire farms since the 1850s. In 2010, a chef visiting one of their watercress farms remarked on how the only other crop he had seen growing in similar conditions was wasabi in Japan. And so, they started an experiment, growing wasabi in some previously abandoned Dorset watercress beds. They harvested their first wasabi crop two years later, the first successful cultivation of wasabi in Europe, and The Wasabi Company was born. Now they supply a whole range of award-winning wasabi products including two 1-star 2020 GTA’s for Wasabi Vodka and Wasabi Powder. They have also brought in more products embracing Japanese flavours including their 3-star winning Sanbaizu Rice Vinegar . Fermented and aged in 100-year-old cedar wood casks, with ingredients including kombu (kelp), bonito fish flakes, mirin and mushrooms mixed with water from the Kumano mountains, it results in a quintessentially Japanese flavour rich in umami. This vinegar is ideal for marinating vegetables and adding to dressings and sauces. GTA judges said this product “is so good it could almost be a drink.” Last year The Wasabi Company snapped up two 3-star GTA awards for their Wasabi Mustard (“piquant and lively with a lip-tingling heat...perfect for cold ham sandwiches”) and Vegan Sudachi Kombu Ponzu (“salty, sweet, citrus and an excellent whack of umami”); two 2-star awards for Yuzu Mustard and Yuzu Soy Sauce; and three 1-stars for Yuzu Jam, Yuzu Mayonnaise and Wasabi Mayonnaise. Find at local farm shops, delis and independent shops or order online here .

Chococo's 2-star winning Wild Thing - Kirsch-soaked griottine cherry in a dark chocolate and fresh Dorset cream ganache in a marbled domeChococo's 2-star winning Wild Thing - Kirsch-soaked griottine cherry in a dark chocolate and fresh Dorset cream ganache in a marbled dome

Dorset 2-star Great Taste Award Winners

Dorset Pastry -Sweet Shortcrust Pastry; Chococo - Dorset Sea Salt Caramel, Wild Thing, Madagascar 70% Gelato; The Cherry Tree - Lemon and Lime Curd; South West Garlic Farm -Black Garlic, Black Garlic Salt; Baboo Gelato - Crystal Malt Gelato, Salted Caramel Gelato ; Solkiki Chocolatemaker - 64% Organic Coconut Dark Milk Chocolate - Costa Esmeraldas – Ecuador, 72% Organic Dark Chocolate – Gran Palo Blanco – Piura, Peru; The Real Cure - Wild Venison Pepperoni; Webbs Butcher - Steak & Ale Pie, Chilly Jelly; Woodlands Dairy - Woodlands Natural Organic Sheepmilk Yoghurt, Melbury (sheep’s milk cheese); The Book & Bucket Cheese Company - Shakespeare (white bloom rind cheese); Green & Grainy - Caramel Crunch Bar, Maple and Pecan Slice.

The Book and Bucket Cheese Company have won a raft of GTA awards for their cheeses this yearThe Book and Bucket Cheese Company have won a raft of GTA awards for their cheeses this year

Dorset 1-star Great Taste Award Winners

Dorset Pastry - Premium Puff Pastry, Pure Butter Shortcrust Pastry Retail, Traditional Puff Pastry; Chococo - Orange Odyssey Gelato, Squidgy Pecan Brownie; T Buttlings Butchers -Traditional Pork Sausage; The Cherry Tree - Cheeseboard Chutney; Rolly’s Brownies - Gluten Free Devilishly Dark Chocolate Brownies; Christine’s Pudding - Luxury Christmas Pudding; Solkiki Chocolatemaker - 70% Organic Dark Chocolate - Costa Esmeraldas, 62% Organic Coconut Dark Milk Chocolate – Gran Chililique, Fine White Chocolate – So Woke – The Taste of 2073, 70% Organic Dark Chocolate – Gran Chililique, 78% Organic Dark Chocolate – Gran Nativo Blanco; The Real Cure - Wild Venison Burger; Olives et al Estía No.7 London Dry Gin; Purbeck Ice Cream - Rhubarb & Rosehip Ripple Ice Cream, Grapefruit Sorbet; Smith & Weston - Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur; The Book & Bucket Cheese Company - Hardy’s (Dorset hard cheese), Hemingway (crumbly salad cheese), Orwell (soft cheese), Burns (halloumi style cheese); Weymouth 51 Orange Habanero Hot Chilli Sauce; Laycock Cider; Bonneville Ancient Fine Sea Salt : Jurassic Coast Farm Shop - Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon; Dorset Goat Meat Company - Goat Sausage; Bournemouth Distillers Limited - BH1 Gin; Wan Ling Tea House - Mao Xie ‘Hairy Crab’ Oolong Tea.

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