Where in Dorset? October 2014

PUBLISHED: 10:46 13 October 2014 | UPDATED: 10:46 13 October 2014


If I’m not careful I could easily give away the name of our mystery village this month.

Where are we this month?Where are we this month?

Almost next door to the village hall is the cream-painted village pub, named after the village. I can tell you it has a ‘Beer Garden’ sign screwed to the wall and a four-star ‘Visit England’ sign over the door. Next to the pub is the old post office, and a three-part glazed notice board is attached to the wall nearest the corner of the T-junction.

There’s a three-way white signpost with black letters standing low on the verge at the junction and the village stretches out for quite a long way from here, but many of the houses stand well back from the road. On the opposite corner is a long low stone wall wrapped around the tidy churchyard of the parish church which is dedicated to the keeper of Heaven’s gates. The church dates back to the 13th century with the addition of a 15th century tower, but most dates from the 1860-1865 rebuild.

Along the road beyond the village hall, there’s a grand brick house, also named after the village. It has a broken-pediment door-arch and a lovely skylight, and there are two guardian eagles on pillars outside the house facing the opposite fields. Further still along the road, there’s a bridge carrying the road over the river and out into the countryside which Hilary Townsend describes as ‘flat and distinctly richer’ than the marshy fields to the north from where the train coming here started. So, do you know which Dorset village we are in?


Send your answers to: Where in Dorset? (October), Dorset Magazine, Archant House, Babbage Road, Totnes, TQ9 5JA or enter via email competitions@dorsetmagazine.co.uk. The first correct answer selected at random on 31 October 2014 wins £25. August’s mystery place was Melbury Bubb and the winner is Marianne Paulley of Broadoak.

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