Where in Dorset? December 2013 competition

PUBLISHED: 11:36 04 December 2013 | UPDATED: 10:52 03 January 2014


Stone dominates this lofty village with its famous view as Martin Warwick discovers

If there’s a village in Dorset deserving the description ‘built from stone’ this is it. The walls of the mostly 19th-century cottages are all built of stone, and the roofs are all clad with stone-slabs. The pavements are stone-slabs, and the garden walls and field walls are stone as well. There are two churches, both built from stone, with the very grand church, built between 1873 and 1880, causing the demise of the smaller older one, and much of the stone industry around here at the same time because so much local stone and labour, were used to build the church that, by the time it was finished, customers had taken their business elsewhere!

The magnificent church dominates the small village, and its stunning door knockers have more than a passing resemblance to Durham Cathedral’s famous Sanctuary knockers. The church was built by the 3rd Earl, after whom the local pub is named.If you come into the village along the top road, the pub is on the right corner with beautiful views from the garden of an even grander stone building below you. Past the pub, is a fine raised stone pavement in front of some lovely stone cottages with an ancient water-pump by the road’s edge. After the church, the road runs across high fields to the entrance gateway to the Earl’s house where a popular bridleway sets off towards arguably one of the best views in Dorset. So where are we?

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The first correct answer selected at random on 31 December 2013 wins £25. October’s mystery place was Tolpuddle and the winner is Mrs Bridget Edgley from Bournemouth.

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